Creating art has been an ardent part of who I am for as long as I can remember. My affinity for photography started when I was a little girl, my grandfather was a photographer and had a dark room. Every summer I would get to go visit him in Mexico, and we would spend hours walking around town taking photos of everything and anything that captivated my heart. Once we returned home we would prep everything to start developing our shoots. I was anxious and excited to see the pictures we had taken. Spending hours in the darkroom developing with my grandpa made it possible for me to see my final product come to life, by mixing a few chemicals, I could slowly start to see the image appear on the photo sheets like magic. Slowly the shadows and highlights would appear on the page and just like magic a beautiful image appeared.   


Although dark rooms aren't used as much anymore the excitement and love for this art is very much alive. I enjoy working with people and a lot of my clients have become really good friends over the years. Through photography, I have had the pleasure of being a part of many special moments. I am the photographer who will cry at every wedding, who will treat the quinceanera as if she was my own, or allow a child to view their portrait on my camera so that they get an understanding of what we are doing. I go above and beyond to provide the best possible experience to you so that you get to walk away with all the beautiful moments captured. My goal is for you to LOVE every single shoot we take.


I look forward to meeting you! 


Much Love 

Perla H.